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Canton Ohio’s Market Heights Area

Historically speaking, the neighborhood known as Market Heights might be considered a venerable grande-dame, by virtue of the fact that the first deed on record for the area it covers bears the date of 1813!

In those early years, it was primarily farm land and included some orchard portions as well.  Finally, by 1924 the name “North Market Heights Addition” became attached to the area, and that was apparently the beginning of its development as home sites.  Building of residences started about that time, but it was not until 1940 that the city limits were extended to include that area.

Today, Market Heights includes (and extends from) the north side of 30th Street, NW between Market Avenue N and Frazer Avenue NW, up to and including the south side of 37th Street, NW and is bounded by, and includes, the west side of Market Avenue N and the east side of Frazer Avenue NW.  At the present time there are about 473 homes within those confines.

For many years the nearest city elementary schools were Belle Stone and Worley, each almost two miles away.  But finally, in 1950 ground was broken for a school to serve the Market Heights residents.  Jesse H. Mason Elementary School opened for classes in January 1951, and is located on the south side of 30th Street, NW, on land which was formerly part of the Stark County Farm.  In earlier years it contained classes for kindergarten through the 8th grade.  At the present time, the 5th grade is the highest level there.

By 1961 a Market Heights Association was formed, but was disbanded after a few years.

In January 1995, once again a group of concerned residents of Market Heights set the ball in motion for the formation of a neighborhood association.  Success and enthusiasm have accompanied their efforts; a series of well attended General Meetings have been held at the Market Heights United Church of Christ located at 3129 Market Avenue N.  In the beginning, focus has been on 3 main objectives: (1) to organize and establish the Association, (2) to develop a means of communication with home owners, and (3) to educate member-supporters concerning ways to preserve and enhance our fine neighborhood.

A Steering Committee was formed and by-laws were drawn up.  Officers were elected, plans were discussed for various projects to be addressed, and finally by early 1996 a membership drive was launched.  Crews of some 30 “Block-Coordinators” have contacted residents in their respective areas and now by mid-July 1996 there are approximately 180 member-households.  Dues were $15.00 per year per household, with all adult residents of each paid-up household being members of the Association and have only been increased once since inception (presently $24).  Plans are currently in place to provide security patrol of our streets, especially during holiday times.  Other projects on the agenda include playground improvement, area beautification-planting, a Fall neighborhood picnic, etc…

Among featured speakers at the General Meetings have been representatives from the police department, who had much information to offer concerning security measures; persons from the telephone company, who provided valuable hints on handling questionable calls; and representatives for our “sister-organization” the Ridgewood Homeowners’ Association, who shared with us some of the expertise they have developed over the number of years they have been in existence.  Literature from the Ohio Crime Prevention Association was distributed, containing ideas concerning various means of crime reduction which homeowners can utilize for their own protection.

It is gratifying to note that according to the most current statistics available the number of break-ins, thefts and robberies in the Market Heights area has been reduced significantly within recent months.  We feel this is attributable to the increased awareness and concern, as well as other precautions which the homeowners have been encouraged to follow.

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